Autumn Style - Why Autumn is the best season


When the last days of summer pass by, there is a certain smell in the air. It is fresh but warm, cold but light. You can feel it with all of your senses: Autumn is in the air. The colourful palettes of the leaves create a beautiful scenery and even though you tend to ignore your surroundings, nature leaves you speechless around that certain time. Each year. The taste of Pumpkin Spice Latte in your mouth to the warmth of your old jumpers, it is everywhere. And with Autumn you know a lot of things happen. Halloween is on its way to scare you. The days are getting shorter, the raindrops are falling on your head. The lights of the town look better in the night. The connotations are endless and yet powerful.

Autumn is definitely my favourite season. Why? Because it is the season of Halloween, my favourite day! I always loved to dress up and Halloween gives me the opportunity to do so without shame.(Although it wouldn't stop me if I didn't have Halloween) The colours of Autumn are highlighting my brown hair and eyes, the warm colours are perfect for it! I believe that everyone can wear warm colours. Autumn also means that my birthday is not far. And I love birthdays. (Actually, it can be awkward when your best friends are singing Happy Birthday during a lecture) Moreover, Autumn's fashion is definitely the best.

No other season gives you so many opportunities in style questions like autumn. This is because you have the freedom to wear your coolest coats and combine it with summer sandals if that's what you're going for. It might be cold, but never too cold. You can also start wearing boots again without getting sweaty feet. You can scarves, too. Although some might say the colour palette is reduced to warm colours only, which might restrict you in style choices I think that warm colours can open up opportunities to be more playful and I guarantee you it will always look good.

For this purpose, I have put together a daily autumn look with a yellow jumper by H&M, a cute top by ASOS, a denim skirt by Topshop and ballerina flats (also Topshop). I am not a massive fan of accessorizing but I am wearing a watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs. My bag is a satchel by Cambridge Satchel Company. I hope my style will inspire you to be as excited about Autumn as I am. 

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