Mad About the Shoes - A Statement


Oh, my beautiful Gucci loafers. You are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. Sometimes I wonder who had the power to create such miracles. Then I remember it was Gucci. You enlighten my life and make me feel excited. Through all of my veins, I can feel your presence. 

But. I know I will never own you. And all of these beautiful feelings turn into a wave of disappointed emotions. My heart is shattered, my body is shaky, even typing is getting harder. I will never own you, but I want you to know how much I would love to buy you if only I had the money. Maybe not in this world, not in this reality. But somewhere far, far away, in a parallel universe, you belong to me. 

The reality of fashion blogging is that you either too poor or too boring. Many bloggers I feel don't spend their time thinking about what to write about. Most of the time I don't even know what I am thinking. Instead, it is all about what/who you wear. (The 'who' refers to uncountable times a red carpet interviewer asked stars 'who' they were currently wearing but could also refer to a Mod band from the 1960s.) And this point is bringing me down every now and then. I cannot afford these Gucci shoes or that Lanvin bag and it frustrates me. Sometimes it does not, though. Fashion sense and the motivation to start a blog should not include buying expensive clothes and simply to show off. I think it is more about what you are doing with the style in your cupboard. Also, I do believe that recreating the style of someone else exactly how they are wearing it is not stylish. In my opinion, it is more about defining your own style by getting inspired by others but interpreting it in your own way. There is nothing more boring than someone not knowing what she/he is doing and simply copying. It's like cheating in a class test. And people can sense that too.

I do not write these things to attack people. I just try to clarify what my fashion blog is about. It is not about some Gucci loafers of my dreams (although this post is clearly about Gucci loafers) , but rather about how I would define fashion blogging.

I hope you are still enjoying my blog and if you have any comments on this topic, let me know.


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  1. When I get rich I'll buy those for you! And if not I steal them :)