Travel Throwback: Bath, UK


If you ever have the chance to travel through the UK, take at least one day out to visit Bath in the west country. The first view of Bath once you're off the central station takes you back in time immediately - the Georgian style architecture gives the whole city a rather unconventional but exquisite look. The buildings are incredibly beautiful and nothing like you have ever seen before. For anyone who has ever watched a Jane Austen film can surely feel home in Bath. Austen used to live in Bath for some years and indeed the Regency era still, lives on the streets everywhere. Once you walk into town you discover more than just pretty buildings. The Roman Baths are definitely a highlight of Bath and must be visited at least once in your life! The imprints of an ancient era are tried to be kept as real as possible. The Victorian architecture of the Roman Baths with its real Roman-styled structure and some of the oldest stones from the Roman empire in England can be watched at the Roman Baths. A tiny highlight for me is always the reconstruction of what a bath spa might have looked in ancient times. You can enjoy your time sitting by the stones and find yourself in a different era of time. Also, actors running around like Romans definitely help you with some imagination. I have been to Roman Baths twice in my life, but will try to get back there soon. Next to the Roman baths is Bath abbey. This building is majestic and incredibly beautiful. It is also another beautiful example of Medieval architecture in England, which I always find fascinating.

The Jane Austen Centre is a beautiful little Georgian-styled house designed to let you relive the Regency era. Since Austen used to spend a lot of time in Bath, it is only natural that Bath even has a Jane Austen festival to dress up and go crazy. Unfortunately, I have never visited the festival but enjoyed my time at the centre. Especially, the tea room was exceptionally cute with a portrait of Mr Darcy (BBC version) hanging in the middle of the room. Here, I also tried the apparently world famous (never heard of it before) Bath bun, really just a sweet bun. Still, I really enjoyed my time at the centre and will come back for sure.

Bath is ideal for shopping too if you shouldn't be too interested in history or culture. Especially, the tiny alleys offer cute little shops for different occasions. For example, I found a shop of 'Sixties'-inspired games and toys, which I really loved. Also, in questions of design and fashion, Bath offers a lot and is definitely more relaxing than a busy city like London.

I would and will always recommend Bath as a place to visit because it has so much to offer and it is less crowded than London. (Let's admit it Bond Street can be like hell sometimes only with nicer bags)

I took all the pictures so don't steal them, please. ;)

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