Why it is important to take pictures everyday pt.1


No, this is not referring to daily selfie rituals. (although I would never judge) This blog is focussing on capturing beauty every day. For an amateur photographer like me, it is always an easy way out of the stress with taking professional pictures: All that jazz about certain lights or angles I have never heard of before do not play a role for my photos and will always make me an amateur. BUT that does not mean that I am not as passionate or serious about my photography as a professional photographer. I love taking pictures and Instagram proves that I am certainly not the only one. Despite the fact that there are people who will always talk you down about your artistic abilities I think everyone has their damn right to share photographs with other people. So that is exactly what I will do now. Today I am gonna present you some of my older and newest photos. All of these pictures are memories and reminding me of a certain feeling, a situation I was in a long time ago. We are living in a fast world and so it is even more important to rest for a second, look at some pictures and simply remember. I do not doubt everyone likes to capture moments. Here are some of the mine. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.

P.S.: Please do not steal these precious memories. Thank you.

On a seemingly dull Sunday afternoon, I have shot this picture on our balcony.

This picture was taken on a bright day in January when I spent my year in Reading.

Reading from a different angle.

This is just an everyday setting in Brighton. So peaceful. 

In Keighley with the Bronte sisters. 

The statue of Yates at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Before work, I love to take random pictures of flowers. 

Here is another example.

A barn somewhere deep in the Highlands of Scotland. 

More flowers.

It will never stop I'll tell you.

My most recent picture. 

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