Between Springsteen, Strummer & Scorsese: The Seventies as a style inspiration


The revival of the Seventies might be the grand, new trend for the latest seasons in fashion and culture, but they have always been inspirational for me. My starting point was certainly Dylan. (like in so many other things in my life) His late works in the 1970s with Jacques Levy on "Desire" or his less known album "Street-Legal" are some of the reasons why I definitely prefer Dylan from the Seventies. But not only do these great albums (next to Blood On Tracks of course) let me think of the 1970s as the best time in music. Some of the most influential singers and songwriters had their rise or revival in between these 10 years. Although the Beatles broke up, Paul wrote the best Opening song for James Bond and Lennon discovered his own revolutionary soul. The Band and Scorsese published the documentary 'The Last Waltz', which is still one of my favourite music documentaries ever. (Also, come on it's Scorsese!) 1970, the Grateful Dead had this beautiful album called 'American Beauty', which is in my eyes one of the truest American albums I have ever listened to. Fleetwood Mac had 'Rumours', Patti Smith had 'Horses', Clapton had 'Layla'.

In this section, I want to focus on one person only: Bruce Springsteen. The birth of 'Born To Run' must have been magical and world changing back in 1976. It was to me at least, when I listened to it the first time seven years ago. It influenced the way I talked, the way I walked, the way I breathed. It made me want to become one of the both main characters on the album. It made me want to reach for more when I did find myself stuck in the seemingly never changing part of town. When there were moments of helplessness and sadness Springsteen would take me on a trip through the vast America. We would escape the blues of the small city to run into a different world. Pulling out of here to win. Seven years after discovering Springsteen I never have changed my mind about him and he will always be a symbol of dreams that can be reached no matter how far they seem to be.

The new movements of music in Britain influenced me in my early 20's. Manchester invented Dark Wave and brought it to the South of England. Punk took place all over Europe and already had their heroes - Siouxsie Sioux, Joe Strummer, Sid Vicious. And how could I ever forget Bowie? Oh, Bowie you had some of your best moments in the seventies with the Rise and Fall of your other self - Ziggy Stardust. You have been so wonderful that other wonderful singers wanted to sound like you. Kate Bush, Ian Curtis even John Lennon. You were always exceptional but my favourite you is your 70's you. (As a short note, some of my other favourite British artists from the 1970's: The Jam, Buzzcocks, Elvis Costello & The Attractions...)

I could write down tons of other musical influences but I will continue with something else because obviously, the Seventies had more to offer than very good music. Movies, for example, seemed to flourish in the course of Seventies. My favourites amongst other things are Scorsese, Kubrick, Coppola, and most certainly some of my favourite movies of that era include Chinatown and All the President's Men. Robert Redford is a young journalist who is trying to find out what a naughty boy Nixon has been? Simply brilliant. Also based on a real story. (For those who are wondering) In the Seventies, the New Era of Hollywood was born: A much cooler and more progressive Hollywood. But also, some of my favourite heroes were created in the Seventies: Indiana Jones, Rocky Balboa, Travis Bickle, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Skywalker.

It is natural, that this blog shows you a way of spicing up your daily look with a touch of the Seventies. I like to do so by combining a casual pair of flared jeans and a simple white shirt with warm coloured highlights. Therefore, I am using my favourite Asos corduroy jacket and Chelsea Ankle boots by Vagabond. Moreover, I like to add my new Accessorize bag with a fake-croc pattern. My velvet Asos belt is adding a touch of funkiness to the style. As a topping, I added a silk scarf to recreate the Springsteen look. I hope you enjoyed this blog and stay tuned for more!

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