Don't read it like a self help book: How do we become healthy people?


How do we become healthy people? At the end of a day, frustration may rises and can only be combated with cheap liquors. We may find ourselves in a place we don't feel we belong to. We eat crappy food, we drink bad coffee and dance to sad music. But why? Do we really hate ourselves so much that we cannot even bear trying to be happier, friendlier people? Where is hate coming from? How do we hate? This blog will ask deeper questions than fashion choices and do not get me wrong but will certainly not offer any answers. 
     Health. A term that is usually used to sell tons of useless crap packaged as essential power fruits. Media makes us believe if we buy this or try a bit of that we will end our sadness and become healthy people. But does health only mean the right amount of fats you're supposed to put in your mouth? Does it mean that if we are living according to this that we will always be good? I have tried apple crisps once in my life. It is supposed to be so much better than potato crisps, but they certainly don't make me feel better. I doubt anyone will feel better if they only ever try to focus on their bodies. Being skinny myself, I never was happier or healthier than anyone else. On the contrary, I was always scared to lose my body shape. Actually, when that happened I started to believe I am useless. Not because I have gained weight but mostly because media told me that only skinny people are happy. That is bullshit!. Media cannot tell me what I want. Media cannot tell me what I am supposed to be. No one can. Why am I yet sitting in my room staring at these perfect people and telling myself again and again that I will never be like them?
     In school and in university they have always encouraged us to think and more importantly to doubt everything. (I will always add some Descartes in my writings, not sorry!) Yet, in my school, there was a girl in my class who got angry at another classmate for criticizing Freud. It was a valid critique and definitely a strong argumentation. But of course, because Freud said it it was more important. I never did understand this sort of behaviour. I am not criticizing Freud at this point but I do think it is important to find out what is right for you as long as you can give a valid reason. Just because that scholar studied longer or had more titles than you, it certainly doesn't make him better than you. That is the same with the perfect looking girls. I know it is a bit cheesy to think this way but just because she is prettier than you is she better or entitled to more things than you? Instagram is not really a help for your self-confidence. You see these people getting more likes or follows simply because of their looks or their expensive bags. Should these things really play a role to anyone? I doubt that anyone will totally agree with me because even I know that validation or compliments can make you feel good. But is Instagram really the right platform to get these things you want? I doubt that. I think it is more important to hear it from your friends, your family. If anyone tells you, wow you're so good in that or hey you look good today, I believe that it can make a person smile. One thing I always do while strolling through town is to smile at strangers. The good thing about smiling at people is that you cannot lose: Whether they smile back or not you did smile anyway so they will see that you tried.
         I think trying to be happy can be difficult. Especially for me, it is easier to be miserable. Also, Morrissey refers to it in some of his songs. (It's so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind) Morrissey is always right! And in this case even more so. Being happy all the time means never to rethink, never to worry, never to fear. But maybe that is exactly the problem with the idea of happiness: Maybe it doesn't have to mean that you are constantly smiling and trying to tell a joke. Maybe instead it means that you can be sad and that you will be sad sometimes but that you can find your way back to a more positive attitude. I have experienced periods in my life where I couldn't stop worrying. It drove me completely mad. And because I worried about absolutely everything I started to be scared of everything. I was not able to talk to people anymore. I did not face confrontations, did not look certain people in the eyes. Basically, I stopped living. Maybe some of you know these fears. And when I am scared, I usually get angry. And then I cannot stop being in that state. Sometimes you fear that no one in the worlds wants to help you. I can tell you that it is not true. No one is that selfish. I used to think people would try to avoid me all the time. So I stopped talking to them. After all, I realized it was the other way around, I was avoiding people and gave them the feeling I didn't want them. Up to now, I still find myself in that blues occasionally but I have to snap out of it eventually. Otherwise, I will be stuck there forever.
          So what is health? For me, it is becoming content and realizes that not everything about me is horrible. I do believe the happier we are in a situation, the more healthy we will become. And being happy doesn't mean to be pretty or rich. It is also never easy, I think. But I can assure that trying to be content means that you are trying. You are the one who wins because no matter what, you really tried. Never will it mean that healthy food will make you live longer. I doubt that so much that I would even believe in Narnia more than in super fruits. Certainly, it is important to eat good, but who the hell cares when you are unhappy? Happy people eat what the hell they want. Maybe that is exactly what I should keep in mind. Because if I am happy and eat super fruits because I wish to (as if!) that is my choice.

This is a totally random picture simply added to this blog to make it look nice. Also, I love Halloween so why not. 

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