A Forest: The Beauty of Nature


In the last episode of Freaks & Geeks, Lindsey is being introduced to one of the best albums of rock history (regardless of what some idiots claim): American Beauty by the Grateful Dead. No other album makes me smile so much or reminds me more of an autumn day in the forest. Listening to it over and over again yesterday, I have decided on going to the forest today. I had planned to take pictures of trees, staring at colourful leaves being shaken by the wind and enjoy the smell of nature. Both, American Beauty and the forest always remind me of something that I have known my whole life through, The feeling of happiness. It is the same feeling that you get when you drink a hot chocolate on a snowy evening, the sound of birds in the early morning, the colourful neon lights in town in the night. I hope you all know that feeling and can relate to how I have felt today. 
    Walking in a forest always is and will have the effect of calmness. Similar to Manny accidentally swallowing the book of calm, the first step in a forest changes your attitude straightaway. Escaping the dullness of a city or walking the dog might be some of the reasons many people have to seek a forest. I do not doubt that regardless what the reasons are that everyone will feel better in the midst of trees and leaves. 
    One of my happiest memories of a forest was when I saw an otter in the night. In the evenings especially in spring or autumn, you will be able to see the coolest and rather rare animals. For example a deer. Living so close to nature as I do, I did see hawks, hedgehogs, deer, otters and many other animals just trying to live their lives. 
     Blair Witch Project was a movie about a day in the forest and might be discouraging the idea of a peaceful place. But it is showing a different side of the forest: the mysterious and maybe an even dangerous side of it. Ever since The Lord of the Rings and the Nazguls haunting Frodo and his friends, I was often terrified of the idea to walk into the woods on my own. I might not own the one ring, but I prefer not to meet a Nazgul if possible. Sometimes on Halloween, we would go to the forest in the dark and have tasks for a dare. People, especially me, would be scared and did not enjoy the idea of collecting pieces of paper like in 'Slender'. But that was always a thrilling part of the forest if you want to be scared just step in a forest and hope that the Nazguls won't find you! 

So, these following pictures are some of my favourite pictures I have taken in a forest. Also, I have added a look for a day out in nature. Enjoy and leave a comment about your happiest memories of a forest!

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