The Baroque Way of Life: The Benrath Palace


My love for the Baroque era is certainly represented in my daily style. If I had the money, I would wear pastel wigs and dresses that are heavier than me. Until then, I have to dream about my Rococo look and make the most of my obsession with the Enlightenment era by visiting palaces and museums. Yesterday, for example, I had the chance to see Benrath palace, one of the fanciest places in Düsseldorf. Created for the Elector Palatine Carl Theodor and his wife, who by the way never lived in the residence (another proof that the autocracy is simply wasteful), this Baroque building is certainly one of my dream residences. (If only I could) I could bombard you with the knowledge I have gained during this trip to the residence, but I decided to keep this blog simpler by sharing a few pictures of the palace with you and my current favourite style for a relaxed afternoon in autumn.

Therefore, I was wearing my beloved Bella Freud shirt 'Ginsberg is God/Godard is dog'. It is the only shirt that presents my love for Ginsberg and the Beat poets. Godard was certainly a badass and a complicated director in my opinion. Who else could create such complex characters with the sole purpose of proving that cinema was fiction only? Anway, I am wearing a caban jacket by Asos and my Moto Girlfriend jeans by Topshop. The rest is Vagabond and Accessorize

Check out the Benrath Palace if you ever find the time, it is a beautiful place to learn more about the 18th century and discover an architectural masterpiece. 

P.S.: Apparently, the palace finds its way to dozens of wedding photos, too. 

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