What Negan Did - A short review (Spoiler alert!)


So now, we finally know what happened. We were waiting patiently and now that we know, I think no one is happy. How could we? It was a nightmare. This was the saddest episode of The Walking Dead by far. For so many different reasons. In this episode, two of the coolest characters died and I was not prepared to let them go. But the worst part about it is that I had a guess that they could be the one's to die and when it happened I was still shocked. The moment when Glenn was still trying to talk to Maggie was heartbreaking and made me cry. When Abraham stood calm and brave even when he knew that he was going to die made me cry, too. When the others tried not to break down but also weren't able to handle what was going on. And when Rick had to understand that he was not able to help, not this time. All of these things made me shiver in the worst possible way. I felt sick. But Negan did not stop. We wanted more. And then Rick found himself in a situation where he had to decide the impossible: Carl or the others. That was a bit too much for little Berrie. I was literally shocked. It turned out to be okay for all, but Rick was left broken. Since season 1 all of these characters went through a lot of shit. They fought the bad guys and always had the confidence to do so. They knew nothing was able to stop them. But this time even we know that everything will change. The family is broken and the only thing we can do is to hope that they will find a way to destroy the new world order. And I cannot wait to see how Rick will kill Negan. I can't.

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