Who Did Negan Kill? Speculations and 'The Walking Dead Breakout'


So, tomorrow is the day that changes the fate of our favourite post-apocalyptic family forever. Lucille is going to do both, break bones and hearts. Naturally, today's blog will focus on one thing only: The Walking Dead. Since I have spent a day at the Movie Park Horrorfest yesterday and was able to experience the 'Walking Dead Breakout' I will give a brief review, talk about the legacy of Rick Grimes and the most important question: Who did Negan Kill?
    First of course, when you talk about TWD you have to talk about the one and only Rick Grimes. He is the ultimate badass father, protecting his family like crazy and occasionally even biting people to do so. To me, Rick is not only the coolest sheriff on TV to date, but also my new inspiration in life questions. He is unafraid to protect the one's he loves, he is loyal and a good leader. Some people do not like him and I cannot get how this is possible. Yes, he had a few moments of weakness and made some questionable choices, but if there is one person I would trust in an apocalyptic world it would definitely be Rick Grimes. Thinking about how much I became a fan of him, I have decided to dress up as Rick (a female version of course) for The Movie Park Horrorfest. Also, because I wanted to be authentic for the 'Walking Dead Breakout'.

The Walking Dead Breakout
Alexandria 'Safe Zone'

What is the Walking Dead Breakout? It is a horror attraction at the amusement park 'Movie Park' in Germany. Here, you take a walk in different sections styled after some important TWD moments and be scared by zombies and other odd creatures. For this attraction, my friends and I had to wait for a whopping 1.5 hours before we finally had the chance to get a glimpse of the horror. In these hours of useless waiting, I started to become more and more nervous solely because I had heard before how scary it was supposed to be. So, when I started the tour, my hands were shaky and my heart was beating fast. But. It was not that scary. In fact, I really smiled while walking through the sections. Not because I was proud of my courage or because I did not enjoy it, but because of the beautiful details. It all started in the hospital where Rick woke up, over to the farm with a barn full of zombies. In there, I spotted Zombie Sophie and couldn't help but smile. Then, of course, the prison. Infected zombies trying to attack you made me want to walk these steps as Rick Grimes and wait for Daryl to attack the zombies. In Woodbury, a fish tank with 'walker'-heads made me shiver just being reminded of the Governor. Then, the long way to Terminus with Maggie's messages to Glenn that made me want to hug both and tell them that everything will be okay. And the final section with all the creepiness of Terminus (even the brazier) and a few other, little surprises. I have to admit I wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much if I wasn't a Walking Dead fan. But since I am one, I can say that it was definitely worth it. The details were brilliant and made crave for more. It is a must for each TWD fan even though you have to be prepared to wait for ages. 

My Rick Grimes style with Lori's hair and Carl's height.

Beautiful details of the 'Walking Dead Breakout'
A blog about The Walking Dead has to end with the final question: Who did Negan kill? And my answer is I have no idea. I have some guesses, but I know that it will turn out to be so much different. The biggest problem is I don't want anyone to die because all characters waiting for their fate are in fact wonderful characters. I did believe for a long time it would be Glenn or Abraham. Glenn because he died in the comics (sorry for the spoiler) and Abraham because he seemed to be too happy in the last couple of episodes. But my final guess now is Maggie. I know how horrible that would be but I think Maggie will not survive because of the mere fact that she is pregnant. Negan wants his 'slaves' to do a good job and work for him. So, why then should he keep a sick, pregnant person alive? Then again, it could be Daryl, too because he was injured and his blanket was lying on the ground in the preview. Maggie also changed her hairstyle and that usually happens in a show when someone got offered a new job and needs a new haircut for it. Then again, that would be too easy. I did not yet think about Michonne, but if she died I wouldn't know if I could continue to watch this show. It is just useless speculating for hours and hours. The result will be terrible anyway. So I will just hope that no one will die although of course, that is not possible. 

Oh Noooeeeeeee, Cooraaaal!!!
The Walking Dead is a brilliant show and keeps me on my toes. At first, I did not enjoy it mainly because of the first season. But once you do survive the first series, everything changes and becomes better and better. I wish everyone to have a great time watching it tomorrow even though we all will be a bit traumatized after the first episode. If you have any guesses about what will happen tomorrow, feel free to leave a comment on my blog. 

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