Chloë Sevigny's directional debut - Kitty


Most famous for her uniqueness and coolness, Chloe Sevigny will always be the ultimate muse of indie films. So it is no surprise that her directional debut for Refinery29 embodies this unique style of hers. 'Kitty' is a story about a young girl turning slowly into a cat but is not being seen. Every day it seems, she discovers a new part of herself transforming into something that Kitty is not able to fully grasp but accepts it as it is. in fact, she enjoys the changes. She desperately tries to show her mother the slow changes of her body but she seems to be unheard. Her mother does not acknowledge it and Kitty is being left behind frustrated. Maybe this can be seen as something many young women are going through when their bodies are changing and no one really helps to understand it. Especially, when I think back I felt lost most of the time in my teenage years because I was misunderstood and the transformation into a woman was something I had to go through alone and without help from my parents or teachers. The sudden change of the body and mind can be exciting yet frightening as it turns you into something different. Realising that it is happening and there is no way to stop it is the scariest part of it. 
The short film is pretty and simple without any fuss. The idyllic suburban neighborhood with endless vintage styled settings is perfect for this beautiful and innocent story of Kitty. The transformation experience is presented in a mysterious almost magical way which I liked a lot because that is how changes should feel like. Many people are scared of changes, but it is the way our life takes its toll. With them, we find ourselves in situations that may seem scary at first and make things complicated. Once we find a way to deal with it the next change occurs and it reshuffles the pack. Changes are what makes life exciting and offer opportunities we would have never thought of. 
Chloe Sevigny's 'Kitty' deals with the question what happens to us when we transform into something different and is a must watch! 

Watch 'Kitty' here:

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