The Beret-Factor: This season's favourite accessory


Is there something like Beret-weather? If yes, the end of November is just perfect for cozy black berets. Why? As the days are getting shorter and the night is falling much quicker now, and you can sense the dark powers emerge, a black beret is perfect to underline these mysterious vibes. Plus, yes, if you weren't wearing them, this season's fashion literally forces you to wear them now. Whether you are fashionable and care about what Gucci has to say (a perfect Man Repeller reference!) or just enjoy adding a bit of vintage class to your daily outfit, the Beret is perfect for a cold day in the sun (or in the darkness). Also, if you are going for the french-arrogant-director-from-the-sixties look, a beret is a must in your wardrobe! 

Here are some of my choices for a casual beret-look. I tried to keep it simple but added my funky heart-shaped belt by Asos to give it a personal touch. Enjoy!: Beret & heart-shaped belt by Asos, military jacket by H&M, Girlfriend jeans by Mojo by Topshop, Patent leather shoe by Tamaris

As a sidenote: I have taken these pictures with my new camera Olympus OM-D e-10 Mark II. 

 I hope you enjoyed my Beret style. Feel free to comment and share my blog.

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