The Best Apps for Photo Editing Pt.1


Whether you want to give your favourite memories the perfect touch or love to play around with photo editing, nowadays you can choose from hundreds of different apps to help you to create the perfect picture. But which apps are really useful and which ones are rather not recommended? In today's blog, I am gonna present you five different photo editing apps and look at different important criteria - editing possibilities, quality, finance, and handiness. For this purpose, I have taken several nature photos that I will edit with the different apps to show you the important features. All apps were tested on my iPhone 6s


VSCO offers a perfect balance between a modern photo editor and community for photographers. For normal usage without signing up, you will find the standard editing tools presented in an aesthetic way. That is probably why VSCO may seem a bit pretentious sometimes because it sells itself as the new, hipster way of professional photography. The filters are limited, but nevertheless useful to turn your favourite photos into a cool, vintage one. You have the opportunity to get other filter packs, but the prices are high (starting from 3,99€ up to 8,99€!). If you yet decide to use this app for free, you can be sure that it will not disappoint you. One little critique from my part would be the handiness of the app. Although the minimalist style should indicate an easy access to all functions, it took me ages to figure out where to click to find what I needed. All in all, this app is perfect for someone searching for a possibility to create the perfect Instagram picture. 

+ Authentic vintage made filters
+ Modern and minimalistic design of app
+ A big community
-  extra filters expensive
-  a bit pretentious


POMELO is in a very similar fashion like VSCO, because it is selling the new idea of photography. That is why it cannot function as more professional, but at least you will have the opportunity to work with more filters. To have unlimited access, you will have to pay 1$ for one filter pack each, which is definitely more affordable. You will also see how easy it is to use this app (I needed seconds) and for the sole purpose of editing your picture and turning it into a hipster heaven it is good, but unfortunately nothing exciting.

+ easy to handle
+ no fuss, just photos with vintage feel
- missing professionality
- does not stand out

3. Lightroom

Adobe's mobile version of Lightroom is naturally as professional as the original product itself and is definitely my favourite app. Just by looking at the filter names, which are literally describing what effect they will have on your picture, you can be certain what you want for your picture and do not have to search for hours. The filters are also not wannabe-vintage but rather sober and clear. A perfect way to make your pictures look more professional and less pretentious. It is an easily accessible app with no fuss. The full version can be downloaded directly but you do not get the information how much it would cost you. In conclusion, this app is definitely my favourite so far because it really is about the pictures and not about the vintage feel. 

+ professional editing
+ no fuss, just photo editing
- no detail about prices for the full version


PRIIME starts off with an introduction by showing how this app will analyse what's in your photos. I was literally excited about this function, but. Of course, it does not do it. With my disappointment still searching for this function, I have to admit I did not find it. If anyone of you did, please let me know. Anyway, PRIIME is a good photo editing app with the standard editing tools. Here, you will find filters created by professional photographs that you can add to your picture. Unfortunately, this app does not offer you many filters, so of course, again, you have to buy them separately. You get filter suggestions for your photos (maybe that's what they mean by analysing what's in the photo, but I really don't know) but mainly one's that will cost you something. It is yet easy to understand and for the purpose of editing a compact and good choice. Again, like VSCO or POMELO you can create photos with vintage effects. 

+ perfect for aesthetically nice pictures
+ hip vintage effects
- It does not what it says on the tin
- does not stand out

5. YouCam Perfect

Once you open the app YouCam Perfect, you will be snowed under many different editing possibilities. On of the reasons you will love this app, I guarantee. Perfectly laid out for different purposes, you will see that it is designed for multiple purposes. Its main function, I think, is editing portraits, because of the beauty tool. Here, you can change your body shape, get rid of pimples and open up your eyes. For landscape photos, You Cam Perfect has many different filters that can be downloaded for free. But you can also do corrections (let things disappear), you can put overlays on your photos, different frames, and brushes to draw with. These are some of the many free functions of the app. In questions of professionality, I would say, this app is more to be used for fun. I really enjoy to use this app, but mainly because it has so many different tools in one app. It is very easy to handle, but due to the many functions, unfortunately, a bit unclear sometimes. Yet I would recommend this app to everyone who does editing for fun.

+ many functions and tools
+ perfect for those who love editing pics
- missing professionality
- chaotic in design 

All apps are available on the Apple App Store

If you have any suggestions to make for better photo editing apps, let me know in the comment section below. I hope this blog helped you to find the perfect editing app for you. Until the next time! Now, go out and take photos! 

P.S.: All photos taken by me.

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