Travel Throwback: Maison Ladurée in Covent Garden


Nothing in this world should make you happier than pistachio filled croissants, rose petals on macaroons and strong coffee on a cold day in the sun. The Maison Ladurée is that friend who cheers you up when you think that you are slowly losing your mind and although it wants all of your money you are willing to pay the amount for a bit of love. It is almost saddening that it is London I have to visit for that little bit of enlightenment but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get what you want. And so, on a busy Friday, I fought my way through the clouds of 'I love London' wearing selfie-stick holders, to get my macaroons and lose money real fast. The atmosphere in the cosy and vintage styled location of the café Ladurée has a special effect on me. It makes me want to wear white wigs, wear 20-kilo dresses and dream of a palace in la Province. Unfortunately, when reality bites you usually find your way back to 2016 and then have to live with it. So, enjoying my afternoon tea can at least help to deal with the fact that I wasn't born in a time when plagues and kings ruled the world. In my dreams, the Ladurée is heaven and makes me feel sophisticated just stepping through the front door. The hedonistic lifestyle may be unhealthy, but in some ways, there is some beauty of truth to it: Treating yourself every once in a while can eventually help to find a happy place, where you are simply positive and where you will understand that there is absolutely nothing you cannot deal with. This does not necessarily include to buy something, but rather to do something that makes you smile. And for me, The Ladurée is that happy place, where I can smile and at the same time understand that nothing is really too bad. Plus, the coffee is goood!

Here are some pictures I took a few days ago that I would like to share with you:

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