How Do You Celebrate Christmas When You Are Not A Christian?


When you grow up in a Western country you will not be able to avoid the Christmas madness each year. As a child, it seems to be way easier to cope with such a tradition - once you understand who Santa Claus is your parents won't get around buying Advent calendars for you because everyone in your class has them. You even get presents on Christmas day so you don't feel excluded from same-aged kids. But when you realize that Santa Claus is nothing but an invention from Coca-Cola, you understand quickly that these movies you grew up with have the main focus on yet another thing. They don't only show children getting Christmas presents, they have Christian tradition. Yes, in school you recreate the Nativity in short plays and you sing Christian songs but you are confused about these things. At home, you don't talk about Christ or anything related to Christian belief, but in your surroundings, it is all about it. 

So, you finally grow up and tell yourself that Christmas is something you cannot relate to. You still buy presents, you still have a Christmas tree and you send Christmas greetings, but you have a sort of distance on this matter because you will not be able to fully grasp. Often, it is very sad to be excluded somehow when there are many things that seem incredibly beautiful about Christmas. The lights, the family in focus, the giving. You might like them in itself but it is not a tradition in your life. It also doesn't play a role to you, you have the freedom to enjoy a few days off, while most of your friends are busy getting presents for their family. And seeing it on every corner just strengthens the fact that you don't really belong. But then again, freedom is not a bad thing. In a way, you have the freedom to switch between roles, you can allow yourself to celebrate Christmas if you feel up to it, but you're not obliged to it. I know many people simply not celebrating Christmas and taking it as it is - a fact. It is there every now and then and after all it means that for a few days you can relax at home instead of going to work. 

From a different angle, Christmas can be even prettier as it is not a commitment but exclusive. Something pretty without the stress, just lights, and yummy biscuits. Something you get used to it but that does not define you. You have your own traditions and your own customs. 

What is your experience with Christmas? Say it in the comments!

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