Some Thoughts on Walking Dead's Mid Season Finale (Spoiler Alert!)


That one time when I was Rick Grimes and Rick Grimes was me, lol!

This season was a season full of tears, anger, despair and more tears. Most of the time, I felt depressed after each episode as they were giving me the chills and made me want to scream in my pillow (Actually, I did that and it didn't even help). Seeing Rick Grimes and his family defeated and unable to understand what was going on was heartbreaking. But the last episode changed the game. The fellowship being united again is exactly what we as the audience deserved and desperately waited for.  After it seemed like Spencer would give Negan some reason to get rid of Rick, it was almost like a heavenly gift that Spencer would have to die like this. Undoubtedly, Spencer would be Rick's littlest problem when there is still Negan to be fought against, but let's be honest we all were scared that something horrible could happen. Of course, it did happen. What will happen to Eugene now? Is it over with him? And will Carol decide to be Carol again when they need her the most? I mean, that lady is like Rambo when it comes to the destruction of a whole group of people. The ultimate killing machine.
Andrew Lincoln described the hug between Daryl and Rick as one of his favourite moments in this season and rewatching it, I have to say he is damn right. This sequence shows that there is hope even when everything seems lost, that there is a solution for everything and that true friendships never die! It is a shame that this season lost many of its viewers because although it shows a hopeless world on the surface, the things that keep the group alive is nothing but hope. And hope is important to withstand the evil. In this case, of course, the Saviours.
What is your opinion on the last episode? Let me know in the comment box below.

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