Why we are sick of 'Make-Up your boyfriend won't like' - posts


If you are a fan of punk rock music from the 80s, listen to punk rock music from the 80s. If you think you're a bookworm, read whatever book you want to read. If you love to wear high heels, do as you like and embrace it. And if you like to put on dark lipstick, just go for it!

In today's social media, this attitude is golden and gets to the heart of the matter because we embrace our tastes and it is okay to be what we are (as long as we don't hurt each other). But even in social media, you still find posts like 'Make-Up your boyfriend will not enjoy' or 'What you shouldn't put on if you want to impress a guy'. These posts are crucially against all the things we are fighting for. It is our choice to embrace our own personality and what these posts do is to limit our personal freedom. Just image, you are a sixteen-year-old, who gets to read this sort of bullshit, what will you think? That you are not pretty if you have thick brows or that only red lips will help you to find a boyfriend. But exactly this is what I have read today in a blog for 'strong women'. In fact, it is embarrassing for strong women to be put down like this. It is seriously harming us and is selling a wrong image of how we should think. In my opinion, it is time to focus on what we want to do (as long as we don't hurt no one) and ignore what guys want us to be like. I am also not stating that guys really think like that. 

These posts form a wrong reality of how the world works. We don't have to impress others, people will love us or they will hate us no matter what lipstick colour we are wearing. I am just saying that it is silly to listen to this utter crap. Instead, please be reminded that whatever Make-Up you want to wear is your own choice (And I am referring to Girls & Boys) and whatever you want to do in your life is your choice (as long as you don't hurt nobody, wow this is getting annoying, huh?). Embrace your style and your Make-Up choices and don't be confused by these 'Make-Up your boyfriend won't like'-posts because they suck. Like really. 

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