New Year, New Me? 5 New Year's Resolutions everyone should try out


When we let go of just another year in our short lives, many of us tend to have resolutions they want to actively work on. But as 'Friends' already has taught us, it is not easy and almost impossible. But isn't it a wonderful idea to work towards something that we think could better us and make us happier ultimately? It is cheesy and ultimately seems unnecessary to mention but let's face it: We will not live forever. And once we realise that why can we not just let go of the dull 'everydayness', as Heidegger puts it in his works, and actually start doing what we need to be healthy? Why are we rather miserable, spend time with people we don't like, and get lost in alcohol on a daily basis when all we should do is to dance and sing and enjoy life? For this year, I have created a list of resolutions we should all stick to if we want to become happier and be more aware of our limited time given on this earth.

1. Get our Body & Mind in better shape

No, I am not trying to give people the feeling they have to get unrealistic body shapes like a Hollywood star but what we should all remember is to start appreciating our bodies. Instead of getting all crazy about losing weight or gaining muscles, we should first of all understand what our body really needs. And what our body ultimately needs is harmony. Often, media is telling us how to think, facebook is controlling our mind by showing us the worst. But by giving them the power to shape us, our body loses what it really needs. We are individuals with our own needs. Our bodies and minds are different. If we lose control of them and doing exactly what we are told, we lose our harmony. What we have to remind ourselves instead is that only we can know what we want. 

So, try to give yourself a break from time to time and listen to what your body and mind NEED. Once you really understand it, you can start to live healthier and hopefully feel better. Don't ignore what you need because that means you gave up on yourself. That is ultimately the worst. You are that important so start to be happy. 

2. Don't Believe the Hype

So what, 2016 seemed like the worst. Whole internet memes told us at least. What if we stop caring so much what social media wants to think and start thinking for ourselves. Yeah, for society it hasn't been the best year. This has nothing to do with you. Enjoy your life and don't be distracted by media. Don't believe the hype and stay true to your own thoughts and opinions. Don't tell everyone. This brings us to the next point

3. Turn off your phone from time to time

Let go of the fact that you have to be online. That you have to answer each e-mail you receive. That you missed something if you didn't spend time on your phone. Embrace the silence and let go of the white noise. Educate yourself. Read books. Listen to music, take a long bath and don't be stressed by the fact that you might lose followers on your Instagram account if you stop posting pics for the next couple of days. Enjoy spending time in reality. Read Wordsworth, I guess he tried to say something similar. 

4. Explore the world

Yes, I know how hard it is to travel without money. If you don't have the luxury of staying in a fancy hotel or go to the coolest clubs, so what? You don't have to go to a perfect sandy beach to explore the world. Visit towns nearby and explore streets and places you have never been to before. Even if it's 3 minutes away from your cosy home. Don't be too comfortable and jump in at the deep end. There is nothing worse than to feel sorry for yourself when you haven't tried out anything. Believe me, I have been there. 

5. Get out of your comfort zone

Similar to the last point, it is time for you to explore yourself. Do something crazy that you have never done before. Something that you always felt uncomfortable with. If you are introverted, join a drama club. If you sometimes feel like you have too much self-control, be spontaneous and jump on a train to a different country. Be aware that no matter what you do, you will survive and probably enjoy life a tiny bit more. Don't be too scared to live because then you will feel like you wasted your time. Watch soap operas, learn how to cook, play video games. Nothing is impossible. Just be yourself and learn to embrace it. 

I hope you liked my resolutions for this year. Do you have any resolutions, you would like to share or any comments? Then use the comment box below. And always remember, if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? 

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