All About Eve: The Classic Movie Everyone Should Watch!


The classic twist and turns, the bitterness of old age and the corrupt work of the younger generations: This is 'All About Eve'. A movie that plays around the theater cannot be anything else but dramatic, full of emotion, and filled with heartbreaking monologs. All About Eve is a classic movie about the other side of the fame and how it morally destroys people. On the one hand, there is Margot, played by the dazzling Bette Davis, who is insecure about age and her own person. The theater formed her life and so, she fears once she reaches a certain age, she has to break out of the role and become herself, which is nobody according to her. Asking her friends to tell her who she is and what will happen if the fame and glory is gone, Margot has to eventually snap out of it. 

Complicating her own issues is young Eve Harrington, the other side to the story. Her first appearance as the young, shy but passionate girl, she can pull off like the other roles she is playing so well. All because the dreams fame and fortune corrupted her mind and came to stay like a rock, which cannot be moved. Eve would stop at nothing to become a picture she already created in her picture. She is without substance, just becoming the role and stop existing. In the end, the question must be: What is more important to sell your soul for what you think can make you feel fulfilled or just the sober realization that nothing but love for yourself can make you happy. Margot finds her luck, Eve wins but does she? 

In today's world, nothing seems more important than the picture of us in a different setting - we sell ourselves to get our 15 minutes of fame. We want to become untouchable and our selfies are the roles we are selling. Everyone wants a bit of the cake and so we post our perfect pictures and create a perfect self. Yes, these things every one of us is doing on the internet. Each one of us has the right to it. But facing the world as it is, accepting that love is not a like on Instagram is yet important to remember, so that none of us becomes Eve Harrington. 

Did you guys like that movie? You can watch it on Netflix

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