How The Hashtag #1917LIVE Has Made My Day


A hundred years ago, around this time of the year, Russia went through the greatest change in history: The February Revolution of 1917, which was the first of two significant Soviet revolutions. So how do you react to such an important day? With a good laugh and a whole community of people joining the party. Twitter just started the brilliant Hashtag #1917LIVE, which is basically an LARP for the social media community. So, you pretend to witness the happenings of 1917 live and write the most ridiculous tweets. Of course, it is even more fun with fake newspapers reporting constantly about each step of the Revolution. This is one of the best hashtags ever and even created some brilliant new twitter pages that track the happenings of the February Revolution (and roleplay it of course!) like the Russian Telegraph and hundreds of important figures and politicians who lived around 1917. Just another proof that social media can actually be funny and wittier than some would expect.

Here is a collection of some of my favourite tweets:

My own Tweet ;

What do you guys think about this idea? Comment on the comment box below.

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