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Often we look at other people and wonder what we could do to be more like them. Why do we have these moments? Maybe a problem is that we believe others are generally more successful, cleverer, more normal and all in all happier. We are watching other people living their lives and taking perfect photos on social media and what we tend to forget is that these presentations are not real. There is not a single person who is more successful or happier because they are more like the norm. The truth is that we want to be happy with who we are. But how do we get there? What is the first step? 

It is as simple as it sounds - we have to appreciate and respect ourselves. There is no use in forcing ourselves to be like others because it would never make us happy. What we could do instead is to look in the mirror and think why we feel disconnected and 'different'. The problem is not any of the others, the problem is our perception of ourselves. As long as we don't start loving the person we see in that mirror, we will always feel different. But what we have to understand that this 'difference' is what makes us 'us'. We need to feel different and we need to understand that different defines us. Whatever it is that you think is not normal about you should be celebrated. 

If you don't feel like other women because you are less 'feminine' that only proves one thing: That there is no such thing as a normal woman. Each of these women you'll meet will have the same insecurities about how to be 'normal'. What does normal mean? It is the way how according to society we have to live our lives to be accepted. But more and more, we can realise the pattern that there is not the perfect social person. We should celebrate ourselves more and give others the chance to accept themselves, too. There is no use in forcing people into your ideas because isn't that exactly what society does? Think about it. Be who you are and accept that you are allowed to be different because in reality there is nothing that can cripple us more than our insecurities. 

This is my first entry for a BlogParade, I hope you like my points and would be happy to get a feedback from you on the comment box below. xx

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