If You're Feeling Sinister Just Order Your Favourite Album on LP *Or How Compulsive Shopping Can Be Dangerous For You


Often, I find myself sweeping the shattered parts of my broken-glass-brain. This process is preventing me from feeling like a melancholy Belle and Sebastian song. (By the way, I have met Stuart Murdoch and he was surprisingly nervous to meet me, too. Why? I will never know) And how do you calm yourself down after you landed in the depth of your self-created hole? You buy stuff online. For me, a vinyl can always help me to crack a smile and realise that life is worth living as long as your favourite musicians still produce songs. In case they have died recently, just remember how many secretive bootleg series they must have left behind for us. Today is such a day - I am lying in bed with high-temperature and the sudden need to throw everything away (literally). But instead, I have just ordered my favourite album by Mr Waits, Rain Dogs. I was searching so long for this LP and when I finally found it I couldn't help but smile big time. But while ordering it I was wondering how others must feel in this situation and how unhealthy compulsive shopping really is. 

When I started to earn my own pocket money at a famous fast food chain, I realised my own unhealthy behaviour of buying things to make me happy again after I have been down. I bet most of you know that feeling. When you had a bad day you like to treat yourself, right? But isn't it similar to go food shopping when you're hungry? You usually buy too much and without a thinking brain - everything is shut off and your inner instincts are having their 15 minutes of fame. Well, just like Freud, I wouldn't let my instincts decide for me and yet that is all I am doing when I feel unwell. Just because I feel miserable I spend all my money and just don't give two f*cks about the consequences. Once I am back to normal again (usually on the next day), I realise how silly I have acted. 

So maybe, it is time for me to twist the whole thing upside down. When I feel down, I shouldn't give a damn about the problem or as Warhol said it rightfully: 'Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, So what'. Instead of hurting yourself or your purse, maybe it is time to realise that these feelings cannot really hurt you. Maybe you feel angry and want to listen to Sex Pistols to scream out all of your sorrows but it certainly doesn't help you to hurt yourself with it. Instead, realise that by torturing yourself you cannot solve the problem. Find a way to calm down and tell yourself, you are strong enough to handle it because that is what you really need: Love and respect for yourself. Don't go down with the Rain Dogs, although I will have to keep that LP!

What do you guys think? Can you relate? And what is your favourite album? 

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