Mad About the Shoes - Another Statement (Updated)


Do you still remember how I was mad about the shoes but couldn't afford them? Well, the shoe is on the other foot now (literally), I am a proud owner of these beautiful, beautifulll shoes! And how do I feel now? Am I happier? Am I suddenly the new blog star? Here is a short statement:

What a strange world it is, we are living in! We always declare that the most materialistic wishes would make us happier and live a life beyond our wildest dreams. And yet here we are, in our Gucci-heaven owning the shoes we were so mad about when we realise that the small things count more. Yes! I know! How silly is it of me to not be fully satisfied with the shoes of my dreams. But. The things that count can unfortunately never be counted and often they reveal themselves much later than we expect. I will always love my Gucci shoes but I know that they will not make me the next big superstar. I am still me even though I am dressed up to the nines. But the main focus will be now how to solve big problems with little steps. And so should you! No Gucci shoe will lead you through your exams and make them pass. In the end, it is all about you, you, you or in my case about me, me, me. (Sorry, I just had to say this) Maybe Sisyphus smiled, Camus, but certainly not because he was mad about the shoes. 

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