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I don't know how to begin with this story. It was meant to be a quiet and quick flight from London Heathrow to Paris Charles De Gaulle airport and I expected nothing spectacular. I even had a window seat and pretty excited to fly to Paris for the first time in my life. But the first unfortunate event included a family of plastic-faced monsters with heavy perfumes and a confidence, not even Kanye West can offer. With tons of make-up, all of the members imprinted the idea that overly rich people are not overly pleasant. So, in this already narrow plane, they decided they were flying first class and rose like a cookie dough. I and my seat neighbour almost squashed and defeated just tried to keep calm and reminded the supersonic family to remain in a straight seat position. But of course, this is not the ending of the story. 

This peculiar family, of course, acted as they preferred and we laughed and laughed. Of course, before the plane was on the air, my nose started to bleed. So typical! And of course it did last for ages. Ouch.  Moreover, I had no tissues with me and all stewardesses were already seated. My shirt was covered in blood and my seat neighbour horrified. With the pressure of the heights, my head felt dizzy, the smell of strong perfume was unbearable and I just wanted to be somewhere else. First, I managed to deal with my bleeding with a whole bunch of toilet tissues. My seat neighbour was so kind as to ask one of the stewardesses to get me some water. My nose did not want to stop and my self-esteem reached a low point. I felt disgusting and embarrassed. 

But the beauty of it was that even in this situation nothing was really so horrible as I pictured it. I actually turned my wishes to cry and escape into loud laughter and enjoyment. In the end, I even received a hot chocolate and a Binoche with french cheese which was definitely glimmer of light to this rather unpleasant experience. And as I started to feel good again, I was able to not only laugh at my weird situation but also that I was stuck in the heights with people who were the cliché of rich & stupid. After all, it was a ludicrous flight and more importantly a bloody one, hah! 

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