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This is part of yet another BlogParade I have joined by Book Princess by Sarah, here is a short link:

In this blog, I will try to answer certain questions briefly on the book, the author & me. Enjoy!

Which book that someone reads on the train would want you to start a conversation with them?

I suppose it would have to be 'Dead Souls' by Nikolai Gogol. Not because I can barely find people actually having read this classic work but rather because I desperately need people to discuss it with me. I love Russian Literature (especially the heavy classics) but I barely ever find people to talk to about it and sharing thoughts on books is always one of my favourite parts of the reading process.

Did you ever read a book in a real but unusual setting? 

Probably 'Absolution' by Patrick Flanery. The beauty of this work is that it is capable of teleport you to South Africa effortlessly so that you actually feel like you have been there (even if you never have). It is probably not the most unusual setting but for me, that novel had a magical effect - suddenly I felt like I knew everything about South Africa. 

How did you find your favourite author or how did he find you?

Some might say that people only read F. Scott Fitzgerald because of that movie 'The Great Gatsby'. In my case, this is partly true because a movie inspired me to read his work but it was 'Midnight in Paris'. The depiction of the Fitzgeralds was brilliant but back then when I first watched the movie I did not know that of course. But I was curious to find out who that was. When I read 'The Great Gatsby' for the first time I was stunned by the beautiful words that seemed to be composed like a melancholy symphony. It inspired me so much that I had read it within a few hours (normally I need like 73747266163 hours to read one book). The next book I read by Fitzgerald was Tender is the Night, which was clearly different in style and story but I was fascinated by the way all characters were described. It is such a psychological book, the characters felt real and complex. I went through all of Fitzgerald's books and realized that some people are truly gifted and were born to be authors. Fitzgerald was a master of words and will always be my favourite author. 

Which of your favourite authors' work is your personal favourite?

It is so hard to answer this question but if I had to pick one it would be 'This Side of Paradise'. When I first read it I was 19, an idealist, left winged and just started my university degree. This novel had a whole package of all three of them - it was about politics, about arts, about socialism, about ideals and dreams, but also the reality. Starting university was for me the first step into the world of my favourite poets and thinkers - I wanted to meet people who felt the same and needed intellectual conversations about Freud, Marx, and Whitman. It was the ultimate bubble of dreams. Unfortunately, reality bites hard and I discovered quickly that real life is nothing like in the books. And once I am done being a student, I hope I will come to similar conclusions like Amory Blaine. 

Which owned books are you proud of to have on your shelf? 

Here is a little collection of my favourite books and the ones I am proud to have bought because they enlighten me (most of them are filled with poems funny enough).

Which five characteristics defines your love for books besides reading?

1. Reflecting 

Often people laugh at me because I take so long with reading. But for me, there is a core intention behind it. Taking your time means reflecting. I need reflection, maybe because I am slower who knows, but I have come to the conclusion that reflexion is one of the main elements of the process of reading. 

2. Conversation

The first point answers the second one: Conversation. Talking about books is one of my favourite things in the world. I could listen to others for hours and discuss with them and also look how others understood certain parts. Sharing means sharing a passion and I always loved that.

3. Recommending 

That is why I love to recommend books. A brilliant way to share the passion and helping people to find the right books to read is so beautiful and so natural aswell. 

4. The Book-Shelf 

The bookshelf is in itself a little world that you can always enter. A bit like in the Narnia stories, a piece of wood is the entrance to a different world plus book shelves always bring life to your room. 

5. Passion

Yes, it is a passion that connects us book lovers with each other even if we have different tastes and different authors and nothing will ever change that!

What are your favourite books and your favourite authors? Do you have anything to say? Just use the comment box below and join the conversation.

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  1. Hello Berry,
    thank you so much for your article answering my questions to my blogparade!
    It's really interesting. I know exactly what you mean with your book shelf and entering a wonderful world and I love the Narnia books, too.

    1. Thank you so much! I have to say that it was a beautiful idea to start such a BlogParade! Keep it Up! Will definitely visit your blog more frequently. xx