Why The Picasso Museum Should Be Your New Favourite Museum


When you visit an art gallery you expect most people who do not share your interest for arts to yawn and slowly walk out without notice. I have seen it many times and often it was sad but something I was able to understand. One main problem is that often art galleries do not design their walls to be accessible to the world. Unless it is the Louvre, which is often visited because one particular lady, I often find myself wondering why curators wouldn't want to include more people into the beautiful world of arts and instead be so exclusive.

One museum that definitely shows a different side, is the Picasso Museum in Paris. Because it is not as famous as the Louvre, people may miss an opportunity to learn about the art of Picasso and at the same time get the chance to access it properly and without force. The Picasso Museum's passed exhibition is a shining example of this accessibility: In simple words, each work of Picasso and Giacometti were compared in astonishing detail without being boring. The visitor hence got the chance to compare the artists on their own and talk to their friends about it whether interested in the arts or not. Because each colour, each line, each dot was put into life by use of simple design and language, the collection made sense in itself and helped people to actually look at the works with questions. I have rarely found it interesting enough to listen to an audio guide but the Picasso museum made them useful. A modern artist such as Picasso deserves this simplicity and accessibility as often enough his works are misunderstood and therefore disliked. People don't buy what they don't get.

The Musée Picasso knows exactly how to deal with this situation in a beautiful location and with a modern approach. Everything a great artist like Picasso deserves. To me, it is the perfect museum for arts and is fun to visit. Next time I am in Paris, I will be there or be square.

Here is the official web page of the Musée national Picasso - Paris:


What do you guys think of this? Do you see any problems with art galleries? Comment on the box below. xx

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