Photo Blog: Spring


It is the 1st of March and Spring is waking slowly but surely. The many facets of this season are everywhere - the sign of tiny flowers growing, the scent of freshness in the air. I have tried to capture it on my camera - sometimes successfully and sometimes I failed. But I hope you enjoy the following series of my definition of Spring and maybe it inspires you to spend your days outside more as the days get warmer and brighter. 

Moreover, I have written a little poem a while ago that you can read while enjoying the pictures. 


I used to dance like a soldier,
You took my hand and smiled away.
The hours in the grass,
We built a life up there,
And everything from bee to flower,
Seemed to stand in our way.

Now, I dance just like the moon,
When it moves, it really turns. 

I'd be delighted to get some feedback, so use the comment box below. xx

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