The Challenges of Feminism


Since the international women's day is celebrated today, I would like to write about that infamous term 'Feminism' everyone is so afraid of. Why is that? I guess it is because most people have a completely wrong definition of it. Many assume that feminists are men-hater but that idea is completely out-of-date. Instead, what Feminism tries to work for is equality for both - men and women. This means that they just want both to be treated the same way. One problem is, of course, the cliches that we associate with these genders. So, we think of men to be less emotional and generally stronger, while women are said to be sensitive and weak. Of course, this idea society put in our heads is bullshit. What Feminism aims for is to get rid of these cliches. It also tries to give both the right to speak up, to support them with serious topics like sexual harassment or even abuse, things both - men and women are victims of. They want to help the victims and show how cruel this crime really is. So, Feminism is not only about women hating men. It's about so much more. But the main problem with Feminism is that it still suffers from the old labels. 

So what is the challenge for Feminism? We need campaigns introducing people the new Feminism and how it is beneficial to anyone. People need to understand it is basically a human rights movement and not full of hate. How can this be achieved? Social media can offer opportunities for feminist activists to speak up but even more to spread ideas through Twitter and more. But of course social media is missing guidance and stability within the Feminist community itself, so fake ideas can be spread around. We need more leading roles - women and men, who actively fight for Feminist ideas. We have Emma Watson and that's good but we need more support and not only celebrities.
Feminism is so important for all of us to unite and don't end up hating each other. 

That is why we should try to first understand what it truly means to spread the ideas and then head towards a real change in society. 

Happy international women's day everyone! Don't give up the fight for equality and justice.

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