The View From the Afternoon: How to Capture Friends on Your Camera


We all know these moments. After a seemingly long walk through a busy town where people seem to carry their Chanel-bags like dogs, something is slowly creeping from behind without notice and you cannot escape it: Hunger. Especially, when you planned to just relax and enjoy your day out it can be a real drag to walk around with friends when you're that hungry. Luckily, it wasn't my turn to suffer. But when your friends suffer from this feeling, you have to help no matter how. Today, my friends and I noticed that eating ice cream is not helping - it fills you for 10 minutes before you realise that your friend must be starving. And when you start to plan a spontaneous photo shoot, they almost break down. But since they are so weak, you can use it for the purpose of capturing them on camera and there is no chance for them to run away. Cruel as I was, I took plenty of pictures today and didn't want to stop until we all realised that my friend really needed food (I can be horrible sometimes, but after eating, I think all of us were just happy). 

So today, I tried to focus on portrait photos. When you work with friends there is one huge benefit as they trust you. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as taking pictures of someone for both sides. The photographer tries to be sensitive and relax the model while the model is just confused and asks what to do with her/his hands. But with friends, you have no problem with this awkward relationship. A certain sense of intimacy helps both sides. There is no shame and your friends can be who they really are, which is always more natural and at the same time beautiful. For me as a hobby photographer, this is also the best thing to do. Grab your friends, take loads of pictures of them until you get better at it and maybe one day you can be so confident with your photography that you can work with others as well. So, friends are always a good way to practice your photography skills. 

Oh, by the way, it is also beneficial to have friends around for a photo shoot so they can take pictures of you in your favourite outfit that you have carefully combined to look like a cool kid. 

Here are my results:

I am wearing the 'Ginsberg is God' jumper by Bella Freud, a caban jacket by Asos, wide straight-leg jeans by Topshop, shoes by Tamaris

What do you guys think about it? Would you agree? Message me on the comment box and I promise I won't let you starve. ;) (Sorry, flat joke)

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