Pleasure by Feist


The Oxford English Dictionary describes 'Pleasure' with the following words: 

The condition or sensation induced by the experience or anticipation of what is felt to be good or desirable; a feeling of happy satisfaction or enjoyment; delight, gratification. Opposed to pain.

I find this description particularly interesting as we get to learn a lot more about the term than we would normally think of. Pleasure is titillating us into a feeling of enjoyment and it is opposed to pain. Regarding especially these points, pleasure is not only a content state of mind, it is somehow an escape from pain and everything that makes us feel weary. Often it seems like pleasure is a way of enjoying the happiest situations whether initiated or accidental. Let's go a bit further here and look at what pleasure would also mean: If we constantly searching for pleasure would we then not only ever running away from pain? Is pleasure hence just a repression of what is real? Are we not losing our own reality in pleasure? 

According to Feist that is exactly what we do right now. For those who wonder why her most recent music video for 'Pleasure' is so blurred and weird - We are looking at Feist looking herself in the mirror, pretending to play the guitar, showing her style, her neckline reveals sexuality and meanwhile her body turns into an undefined thing we cannot really grasp. But that is exactly what pleasure is doing with us, if that is all we want. If we want pleasure all the time we deform ourselves, become blurry and lose ourselves. Yet because it is the easy way out we stay there and don't want to escape. Looking at today's social media madness - this is what is happening right now. People lose themselves, they cannot deal with their problems because there is that thing called 'likes' that is strong enough to make people feel satisfied. Losing reality for a bit of pleasure? Isn't that exactly what we would say about a drug addict? Maybe this is the new illness of our times. We want excitement and satisfaction the whole time that we become greedy and lose any form of structure in our minds. 

The new album of Feist brings me back into reality. Her voice is just as silent, sweet and wise, her sounds are sophisticated but with the smallest amount of noise. The contradictions work perfectly, she is undefined and yet definite, almost patronising but there is no harm in doing that. She is a punk rocker with a beautiful voice, a flower in the thunderstorm. And yet, she is strong enough to bear it all. 

What do you think of 'Pleasure' by Feist? Tell me about it in the comment box. xx

Sources: Oxford English Dictionary Online. 2017. URL:

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