What Happened to the Indie Style?


What is Indie?

Indie music had its peak in 2006 when bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, and Franz Ferdinand were the new big thing. Kate Moss covered the newspapers around the world not only with her style but more because she got her daily dose of cocaine with her ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty. Everyone used Myspace and had like the worst profile pics on earth and whenever you tried to load your page it would take ages because there was no high speed internet. Oh god, I remember these times so well. But whatever happened to the Indie 'era' is interesting as it simply disappeared. Well, in all fairness it slowly lost its influence on media as a new style of music from New York City conquered the world half asleep but ever so steady - Hipster. I have particularly never understood this 'Hipster' term but Indie was crystal clear to me. To me Indie kids were always to aspire to. They were these kids with a lot of style and a proper education and even some interest in philosophy. In my case, these kids were the girls in my school who were 2 classes above me. They were classy, a bit freaky, always sophisticated and simply cool. I wanted to be like them and I think my personal style is deeply inspired by these girls who were some sort of style icons to me. 

Indie style was inspired by its music most definitely. Skinny jeans, a cool leather jacket, Breton stripes on all of your clothes, sometimes even polka dots combined with bright red lips and dramatic cat eyes were the essence to the era. Kids would try to look like Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan or The Velvet Underground when they were all hanging out together in the Factory. For me Edie Sedgewick was a great influence - her style was so different and she played with her tomboy look. For a skinny girl like me back then this style was simply speaking to me. We all listened to Belle and Sebastian, who by the way will publish an EP later this year (guess who is on the cover! Meeeee!), were speaking to us and the Libertines were our trouble child always trying to come together again but failed because Pete and Carl had their ego issues. Then there were the Strokes, the mecca of Indie so to speak. We have learned all our moves and grooves by them but of course the era changed and so did the Strokes (Who is excited for their latest album folks?). 

Kate Moss was the star and looked like Jane Birkin long before all these Alexa Chungs and Moss was so effortlessly cool. She was a living Rock star for sure and her lifestyle involved the things your mama told you would be bad for you. There was also Karen O, who was my personal favourite with her Ziggy Stardust inspired looks with a tiny update which worked o so well. The music and the fashion were fast, loud, electrifying, and simply Rock'n'Roll. 

But like all of these eras, Indie slowly faded into dust when the music became repetitive and most of the bands hence tried to take another direction on their style. Kate Moss broke up with Pete, the Kardashians got their new show, Girl was aired on TV, and a new style of music inspired people. The coolness of Indie was gone and now it was more about comfort and fake vintage feels like the fake lashes. Lana del Rey became the new Queen. Vintage was not a real thing to aspire to and had no more context. The Sixties were celebrated in the Indie era, nowadays its more of a style inspiration than a real lifestyle. The music was dimmed and social media won. So did Mumford & Sons (which is not a bad thing, it is just so different from Indie). Let's face it - Hipster would be nothing without Indie music. 

Indie will never lose its cool though and I am truly glad to have experienced that time even though I was too young to really grasp the Indie feeling. 

What do you guys think about the Indie Style?

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