What Happened to Tourist Attractions? Are They Worth Visiting or Just Rip-offs?


So. As you might figured out, I have visited Stonehenge. Why? As a Historian (very flattering for a History student), of course I had to visit these rocks, they are prehistoric, incredible and still a mystery to humankind. My expectation was that we would be able to just drive up the hill and have a look at it in privacy. Ha, ha. Of course, that would mean a tourist attraction without spending a lot of money. In the case of Stonehenge, I was, however, so naive because I thought that after all they were just stones in a field. There is yet a way they found to take your money for exactly that. Nothing more. Just rocks on a field. You pay approximately 15 pounds, then you take a shuttle up to the field, and finally are able to look at the rocks. Once you drive back to the ticket sales point, they have a cafe with bad sausage rolls (so I was told) and an exhibition about prehistoric England. However, I did not even visit the exhibition as I was simply disappointed. Why am I not allowed to visit Stonehenge without fall into a tourist trap? Are tourist places still worth a visit? 

In the case of Stonehenge, I would say it depends. For a person who really just loves to take photos of very famous places and wants to pay 15 pounds for it, fair enough. But I did not have a particularly good experience with it as it was simply too expensive. 5 pounds I would understand, even 7, but 15 pounds is ridiculous. What about other attractions then? In many ways, you will find places where you don't have to pay anything to visit like for example the British Museum. Usually, you are to give a donation but its not obligatory. That is a brilliant idea, so people have a choice to decide whether it was worth it. But most tourist places are incredibly expensive. Like the Eiffel tower for example. However, who doesn't want to visit the Eiffel tower, the Empire State Building, or the Edinburgh castle? I guess, everyone has to find out for themselves if it is worth the money and if it is then you really shouldn't be too disappointed. 

Another problem I find is that I usually don't like crowded places. These tourist places are naturally full of people. I guess I like to discover history, arts, and architecture in my own time and quietly. A horrible experience was definitely the Louvre. As I tried to just look at the Mona Lisa, so many people stood in front of me and took selfies with the piece. Of course, it is me complaining more than anything - everyone is allowed to do whatever they want. But it is not really my cup of tea when I need my space or when I want the time to discover art. 

One tip I can give, however, is to always check prices beforehand and probably also find out what is included in the price. What do you guys think about this topic? Do you even dare visiting tourist places? What are your worst experiences? Use the comment box and let me know. xx

Oh, by the way, if you want to know what I am wearing: Topshop body in red (approx. £20), Topshop Mojo Girlfriend Jeans (£40) and Topshop glitter socks (£3.50), Office velvet loafers (£40), Flamingo top (vintage)

All photos by me. Please don't steal them. 

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